Senior Traffic Analyst
Job Description and Requirements:
    Under supervision of the Principal Traffic Analyst, the Senior Traffic Analyst directs the conduct of simple traffic survey and traffic investigations, analyzes data from such investigations and makes recommendations regarding same.

    The Senior Traffic Analysts will conduct site surveys of existing striping and ADA ramps for the County’s yearly resurfacing project, conduct traffic engineering investigations related to sight distance, speed and crashes and provides objective recommendations. The Senior Traffic Analyst will also research traffic regulations as they relate to the operation of county roads, review proposed detour routes for municipal events, utility work or county projects. In addition, the Senior Traffic Analyst will investigate traffic concerns from citizens, local police departments and other local agencies

    Takes the lead in a group of clerk enumerators and traffic analysts involved in conducting field traffic surveys including parking practices, speed, volume, and behavior practices, in conducting office accident analyses operations and in gathering mass transportation information.
    Gives assignments and instructions to staff and supervises the performance of their work.

    Makes field investigations and studies of all types of traffic conditions and problems.

    Reviews proposed traffic ordinances and resolutions to determine conformity to sound traffic principles.

    Investigates efficiency of the operation of several types of traffic regulatory and control methods and devices, reports on their conformance to standards and makes recommendations concerning their improvement and use.

    Prepares clear, sound, accurate, and informative statistical and other reports of traffic conditions including accidents, problems and plans containing findings, conclusions and recommendations.


    Three (3) years of experience in engineering, drafting, or traffic control work or in responsible traffic investigation work from the point of view of traffic regulation and control.

    Valid NJ Driver’s License

    General knowledge of Title 39 of the New Jersey Statutes and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways.
    Ability to prepare concise technical reports and sketches, and conduct traffic counts, including downloading data from the traffic counters and radar counters utilized by the unit and prepare reports to be utilized by the Engineers.

    Knowledge of New Jersey laws, rules and regulations pertaining to traffic control and regulation after a period of training. Knowledge of traffic control and regulatory problems in New Jersey and the jurisdiction after a period of training.

    Knowledge of varied types of devices, equipment, and methods used in traffic control.

    Knowledge of equipment devices and procedures used in making traffic investigations, surveys, and studies including studies of speed, parking, and of driver behavior.

    Knowledge of statistical theory, methods, and procedures used in traffic survey.

    Ability to analyze and apply traffic control laws, rules and regulations.

    Ability to evaluate traffic control devices, equipment and practices.

    Ability to make field visits, inspections, surveys and studies involved in the investigation and analysis of traffic control problems and existing and/or proposed traffic control equipment and procedures.

    Ability to perform statistical analysis.

    Ability to prepare clear, technically sound accurate and informative statistical and other reports.

    Ability to maintain essential records and files.

    To perform this job successfully, the individual must be able to perform each essential function as well as possess the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required for the position. Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible if they can perform essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodations. If the accommodation cannot be made because it would cause the employer undue hardship, such persons may not be eligible.

    Please be advised, all Monmouth County positions are on site. There are no provisions to work remotely.

How to apply:
  • Individuals will only be considered if they possess the minimum requirements listed above.
  • All applicants: In order to be considered for a job opening, an Application for Employment must be completed for each position. Resumes may be attached but are not considered as substitution for a fully completed job application form.
  • Mail: Completed applications referencing the job title code on the application to: County of Monmouth, Human Resources Department, 1 East Main Street, Freehold, NJ 07728
  • Phone: To request a Job Application be mailed to you, call 732-431-7300
  • In Person: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
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